Bortier Okoe / African Soul


Bortier presents and facilitates West African drumming and dance sessions, for the corporate sector, schools and communities, and for all health and wellbeing areas and allows self expression in a friendly and safe environment.


Dance Workshop

Moves of Africa

Come and experience the moves and rhythms of West Africa. Brought to you by Ghanaian master musician, drummer and dancer Bortier Okoe. This dance workshop will show you the moves of West Africa and Bortier will share the tricks for freeing the body and mind to the beat of the music. High energy full of spirit and joy that will inspire and excite you – share and celebrate!

Drumming, Dancing & Singing Workshop

Rhythm of the Soul

Drumming is a unifying phenomenon that enables us to connect with one other and has the innate ability to get people involved.

Bortier Okoe brings to life the wonderful world of West African rhythms through high-spirited drumming, exuberant and dynamic dances and charming traditional songs with honey harmonies.

An interactive African drumming, dancing and singing. fun and educational environment to open the doors to Africa.